The Event

To Be Trained to the Woods - Service;
Methods of Marching, Retreating, Ambushing & Fighting

January 25th – 27th,  2019. Fort Frederick, MD

The 2019 SOTR Event, To Be Trained to the Woods-Service, will be conducted as an introduction to the documented 18th C skills required to survive partisan warfare in the North American forest. Participants will be assigned to barracks and mess groups at Fort Frederick, issued daily rations and be exempted from most fatigue duties as they are field trained in the ranging discipline.

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Event FAQ

January 25th - 27th, 2019.  Officially 11am -11am. See the Event Schedule for details.

Fort Frederick State Park. 11100 Fort Frederick Rd, Big Pool, MD. The entire weekend will be held solely in the historic fort & surrounding countryside, under 18th C conditions. Fort Frederick link

What is the Woods- Service?
The woods service was many things; scouting and gathering information, deterring enemy scouts. It was; “to distress the French and their allies, by sacking, burning, and destroying their houses, barns, barracks, canoes, battoes, &c. and by killing their cattle of every kind; and at all times to endeavour to way-lay, attack, and destroy their convoys of provisions by land and water, in any part of the country...” it was guarding the movements of the army. By mid century,“ranging” had developed into its own military specialization recognized by the British establishment. It was the tactics and techniques of partisan warfare optimized for the forest.

Who performed Woods- Service?
During the 18th C conflicts in North America, make-shift detachment of Provincials and militia often attempted this service. At times it was British Soldiers & officers. The British Woods Service came to be known as Ranging.  Originally Native allies were heavily depended on. Later as combined arms strategies evolved, Light Infantry units preformed much of this function.

But Rangers were the specialists that developed the craft needed to survive the crucible of Total War in the North American forests. By integrating woodmanship skills, and Native American techniques with British organizational command and control structures, rangers honed irregular warfare practices that are largely followed today.

Who's invited?
Individuals portraying British or American troops of the French and Indian War, or their Native allies. Attendance is limited to 24 participants & all participants must meet the minimum fitness & equipment guidelines.

What to expect?
Participants should expect to spend the entire Event in the elements & in primitive barracks conditions field testing and practicing aspects of Ranging with their 18th C equipment. The training will consist largely of increasingly complex patrol simulations in varied terrain and culminate in student led force on force scenarios, regardless of weather conditions.

Cost /Fees?
The registration fee is a $50.00 tax deductible donation and includes a bunk, provisions and 2019 FOFF membership, as well as the pre event online curriculum & discussion.  New for 2019:  Ten "Half-pay" slots are available for a $25 donation for those unable to attend.  Half-pay participants will receive FOFF membership, a Prize raffle ticket and access to the online curriculum & discussion.

This effort is entirely voluntary and all proceeds go to the 501c3 Friends of Fort Frederick and it’s efforts to support the historic site. Similarly all proceeds from the related prize raffle benefit the FOFF as well. Raffle details to follow. For more information on the Friends of Fort Frederick visit:

How do I participate?
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  1. Unfortunately due to prior commitments I cannot attend this one as much as I would like to. Will there be others in the future?