Prize Raffle

To further assist the Friends of Fort Frederick, the School of the Ranger will conduct a Prize Raffle during the 2021 event.

All Proceeds will go to the 501c3 in support of the historic site. The prizes are listed under the "Home" link.  

See the Featured Sponsor posts for individual prize descriptions. The details of the raffle are as follows:

There will be 52 entries in total.  The donation is $10.00 per entry.

Limit 1 per person pre event.  Remaining tickets sold on site during event..

Each entry will be recorded by writing the persons name on a random playing card and posted below. Winners will be determined by random participants "cutting the deck" at the event, and prizes awarded in the order they are featured on the blog and FB site.  Results will be posted online.  Winners not present are responsible for arranging postage / delivery of their prize.

To participate, sponsor or donate, please email  Our Sponsors

2021 Entries:                           

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