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The School of the Ranger is staffed by a collaboration of Living Historians interested in advancing the research and interpretation of 18th century Ranging & Scouting practitioners. Working from varied academic, professional, and experiential perspectives, our objective is to support more complete interpretative composites of these men, with an emphasis on the specialized skills and techniques of their profession.

Our Interpretive Methodology is evidence based.  We believe every facet of a worthwhile historical interpretation should be based on the culmination of available documentation to date, prioritized from specific to general. We also feel strongly that speculative aspects of an impression should be avoided whenever possible, or identified as such, and that the best information / best practices from related fields are necessary to inform interpretations.

The simplest example of this is the use of archaeological reports to inform our understanding of the material culture references related to a specific site. Skills are a little trickier to pin down because techniques evolve over time, but consulting related disciplines to understand the skill sets involved in a complex process is essential  for the informed interpretation of skilled professionals.  Bakers should know how to bake, brewers how to brew. Rangers should know how to scout.  Tools and techniques evolve and must be accurately dated, but the processes and many of the skills involved remain timeless.  It is impossible to interpret blacksmithing or cavalry proficiency based solely on primary source descriptions. Real experience in these activities is required.  Ranging is no different; to interpret it well, the Discipline must be studied and practiced in the field.

We understand that Interpretation is not a mathematical axiom.  Well informed, earnest interpretations will differ. New evidence will come to light. Historic site restrictions, safety guidelines and a myriad of other considerations prevent interpretations from being fully representative. Complete authenticity is the ideal, but it isn't the minimum requirement to participate.  We understand that no one’s interests are served when guidelines are so restrictive that only four men muster to represent a company.

The effort is all volunteer & staff members donate the same registration fee as everyone else to attend.  If you are interested in contributing, send your inquiry to: info@schooloftheranger.com

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