Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Ranging the Frontiers of this Province


This Morning I received Letters from Colo Innes Commandant of Fort Cumberland, & Colo Cresap advising me that on last Monday morning a party of French Indians fell upon some of the distant Inhabitants of Frederick Cty of whom they killed three with the Loss of only one of their own party & carried Eight away prisoners. By other Letters from Virga I am informed that another party of these Barbarians have, also murthered Eleven of the Back Inhabitants of that province & carried as there is reason to suspect many more into Captivity I immediately communicated this Intelligence to the Assembly & requested them to enable me to provide against & prevent such Accidents for the future, in Answer to my Message they presented the following Address — "Resolved that this House will make suitable provision for the paying & maintaining 80 Men including Officers for 4 months (if Occasion) for ranging on the Frontiers of this Province to protect the same against the Incursions & Depredations that may be attempted or made by the French or their Indian Allies“

 — Gov. Sharpe June 1755

To Range the Frontiers of this Province, and help protect the distant inhabitants of Fredrick Cty from the Incursions and Depredations of the French or their Indian Allies,  Enlist today!   As Governor Sharpe noted, the House made suitable provision for maintaining only a set number of forces, and the slots are filling up.

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