Saturday, October 13, 2018

2019 Event Update

Register now To be Trained to the Woods-Service.

Registered participants in the immersive event will be trained in the mid century Partisan Methods of Marching, Retreating, Ambushing & Fighting, billeted in the barracks & issued rations.       Participants will also receive a 2019 Friends of Fort Frederick membership and be enrolled in the pre-event Participant Forum, dedicated to the source material documenting the tactics, skills & material culture of 18th C ranging. The military science & fieldcraft curriculum is formatted to assist incorporating these practices into participant portrayals, while the material culture subjects are examined by article, emphasizing documentation and current best practices.

New for 2019:   A dedicated opposition force, reconnoitering parties & skirmishes incorporating specific tactical & fieldcraft objectives, and a limited number of  “Half-Pay” slots for intereseted individuals unable to attend.   Half-Pay participant supporters will recieve 2019 FOFF membership, full access to the online Participant Forun, and a Prize Raffle ticket.

Click Here for event details & schedule.

For Prize Raffle info click here.

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