Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018 Prize Raffle Final Call

Time is running out!  This is the Final Call to Purchase Raffle Tickets in support the Friends of Fort Frederick by post.  The List of Prizes in order of Drawing are:

The Lang Lyman Style Shot Pouch.
The Fiorillo Backwoods Hunting Pouch
The Wulff Series of Autographed Books
The DeJonge Custom Bonnet
The Leach Samois Style Folder
The Siedeman Haversack & Market Wallet Set
The Browder Leather Canteen

In addition to those prizes previously featured, the following items have been recently donated.  Decriptions on the blog to follow:

The Kobuck Tumpline
A Rare Copy of Sons of a Trackless Forest
The Kobuck Fingerwoven & Beaded Legties.

Ticket Requests  & Payment must be recieved by mail on or before Tuesday January 22nd. Late arrivals or payments after the tickets sell out will be returned uncashed after the event.   Availability updated nightly, Rules and Info posted here.   

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