Sunday, December 17, 2017

Exercise in Scout marches & Bush fiteing...

About this time Lord Loudoun sent the following volunteers in the regular troops, to be trained to the ranging, or wood-service, under my command and inspection; with particular orders to me to instruct them to the utmost of my power in the ranging discipline, our methods of marching, retreating, ambushing, fighting, &c. that they might be the better qualified for any future services against the enemy we had to contend with, desiring me to take particular notice of each one's behavior, and to recommmend them according to their several deserts, viz.

                            -Rogers' Journal, 1757

17th pleasant Day for this Climat Major Rogers this Day exercised his men in Bush fiteing which drew a great Number out of y‘ Camp, to view them.

The Rangers exercise in Scout marches & Bush fighting which made a very pritty figure.

                           - The Journal of Dr Caleb Rea. 1758

A third of your garrision is to be trained to go into the woods when necessary...

                            -The Thomas Gage Papers.  1759

Register today to Join our immersive event.  Garrison historic Fort Frederick and train for the woods-service.  Actually exercise in Scout marches & Bush fighting that you might be better qualified in the ranging discipline.

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