Monday, September 4, 2017


Fort Edward June 20, 1757

The Allowance for one Person for Seven Days Going on a Scout In Lieu of ye three Pintes of Pees 6 oz. of Butter for ye 1/2 lb of Rice they are to Have 1 lb 3 oz of Pork, which Makes their Weeks allowance to be 7 lb of Bread 5 lb 3oz of Pork.

- General Orders of 1757 issued by the Earl of Loudoun & Phineas Lyman in the Campaign Against the French.   

They, as well as the Indians, go out every now & then about six men together, upon a scout to shoot men,... ...& carry their provisions & blankets upon their backs."

- Captain Henry Pringle, 1757.

Contemporary sources indicate 18th C scouting parties were typically issued provisions or rations and alotted time to prepare them prior to heading out.  Reconnoitering parties deployed with foodstuffs "already dressed " to minimize signs of their presence while scouting.

During the pre-event Participant Forum, participants will have the opportunity to review and discuss a broad selection of F&I "scouting-provisions" related Orderly Book, Account Book, & Journal entries from various campaigns to gain a familiarity with the normative practices of the period.

At the Event, participants will be issued an allowance of provisions by mess groups, that they will prepare in period fashion for consumption indoors and while on scouts. Participants are required to furnish thier own rudimentary cookware and will cook in the barracks fireplaces as seen in the photograph above.

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