Monday, July 31, 2017

2017 SOTR  Participants:  B.Shatzer, A. Newman,
R Schmelzlen & R. Seidemann.  Second Row: N. Kalenich
The 2018 School of the Ranger will be held January 26th - 28th at Fort Frederick, MD.

New for the 2018 weekend is a fully immersive format designed to build 18th C reconnoitering acumen through the step by step practice of historically accurate fieldcraft skills & patrolling techniques, culminating in student led tactical exercises.

In addition to the individual & small unit field work, participants will bunk in the historic barracks with only fireplace heat, candlelight, and issued rations they must prepare for the weekend, and will be assigned sentry and work-party details integral to the curriculum.  A stringent prohibition on "anachronistic crutches" has been adopted to enhance the experience and ensure the participants fully field test their 18th C skills and equipment.

The second significant change is that the academic portions of the military science and history curriculum will be delivered to the registered participants via a dedicated online 2018 SOTR Participant Forum.  The online group will launch in October allowing adequate time for a robust examination of the subjects and source material, as driven by participant engagement levels. The SOTR Participant Forum will serve to assist with pre-event coordination, equipment issues, and administrative matters necessary to support a full immersion event.

Details regarding the Event Schedule, the Registration Fee, Recommended Items, Site Rules & Restrictions will be posted shortly.

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